Destiny 2: Exotic Vendor Xur Returns To The Tower To Sell His Wares On April 17-21

Destiny 2: Exotic Vendor Xur Returns To The Tower To Sell His Wares On April 17-21
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

Each week on Friday, the Agent of the Nine Xur visits a predetermined location on the map in order to sell his exclusive goods. This is something to look forwards to every week because he is the only vendor in the game that can sell exotic items. Exotic items are purchased with legendary shards, and you can also purchase a valuable exotic engram.

The exotic engrams are an item you can purchase for a hefty 97 legendary shards, however, it is well worth it. If you do not have all of the exotic weapons or armor (not including ones you can earn via quest rewards) it will drop a random unattained item to add to your collection.

Another important tip is that checking back with Xur is even more important since the armor changes that were introduced in Shadowkeep. Since armor now has inborn stats that can change different ability cooldowns and statistics, checking in on the stats for each exotic armor piece available each week can help you put together powerful builds.

Before we can get into the specifics of what Xur offers this week, we first have to talk about where to find him. This week, from April 17th to the 21st, he is conveniently located inside the Tower. You can find him hanging out on the stairs in the back of the Hanger area.

This week, Coldheart is the weapon drop and is an exotic trace rifle. The Cold Fusion perk causes it to fire a constant beam of Arc energy, and Longest Winter increases the damage when remaining on one target. It is a fairly good trace rifle for PvE, but there are certainly better options in the meta right now for PvP.

The hunter armor piece this week is a Hunter helmet known as the Knucklehead Radar. The perk “Upgraded Sensor Pack” allows players to maintain their radar even while aiming down sights. This is a great all-purpose exotic for PvP, and is viable at nearly all levels of play. It’s not amazing for PvE, but its use really does come down to player preference.

The Armamentarium is a Titan chest piece that also works for any subclass and is general purpose. The perk “And Another Thing” simply gives players an additional grenade to play around with, and can be used in a variety of situations for all game modes, but is easily outclassed by other available helmets.

To wrap up, Warlocks can look forward to nabbing the Crown of Tempests exotic. This is a powerful exotic in all game modes, as the Stormcaller subclass is powerful for both PvP and PvE. The perk “Conduction Tines” allows for any Arc ability kills to reduce the cooldown on other Arc abilities, in addition to increasing the duration of the Super.