Bungie Has Decided To Revive Marathon As A Direct Response To Escape From Tarkov

Bungie Has Decided To Revive Marathon As A Direct Response To Escape From Tarkov
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Marathon, the first true success story for Bungie and the Macintosh version of Doom, will make a return shortly.

Reliable sources have informed Insider Gaming that Bungie intends to resurrect Marathon in the form of a three-player squad-based extraction shooter in the vein of Escape from Tarkov. According to the information provided by these individuals, the game still needs to be at the alpha stage; nonetheless, an announcement may be made shortly to assist Bungie in recruiting fresh talent and getting production back on track.

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Although the new game will take place in the Marathon universe, its connection to Bungie’s iconic first-person shooter trilogy appears to be merely peripheral. It will be set on a planet where a human colony suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons, forcing the remaining humans to scavenge for food and other resources in order to stay alive. These individuals can customize and operate cyborgs known as Runners, which are used to gather valuables.

The gameplay is quite similar to that of other evacuation shooters; players choose their ammo crates before falling into the game world to search for more loot and/or fulfill mission objectives before being extracted. If you die, you will lose all of your stuff, although the player will have the opportunity to purchase more supplies between different missions.

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As the pinnacle of living games, the upcoming Marathon appears to be incorporating a yearly content cycle and a battle pass-style progression system similar to Destinies. Insider Jeff Grubb verified the claim to Games Radar. He noted that the game would probably be free-to-play, with Runner customization being the primary source of revenue generated by in-game microtransactions.

He defined the visual of the game as having a boxy, sci-fi feel while maintaining a colorful and brutalist tone. In addition, he stated that there would be no load times and only a small amount of waiting in line for activities.