After Releasing On PSVR And Quest 2, Moss: Book 2 Is Now Available On Steam

After Releasing On PSVR And Quest 2, Moss: Book 2 Is Now Available On Steam
Credit: GAMER

Today, Moss: Book 2 is released for the personal computer (PC) after its debut earlier this year on PlayStation VR (PSVR) and Meta Quest 2 (Meta Quest 2). It also includes support for a variety of virtual reality platforms. The virtual reality journey can be experienced on PC-tethered virtual reality (VR) systems, including Steam Index, Meta Rift, and HTC Vive, in addition to Meta Quest and Quest 2 through the use of Quest Link.

This year, Moss: Book 2 was released for PlayStation VR at the end of March, and it was later added to Meta Quest 2 in July. It is the prequel to the game Moss, which follows Quill, a mouse who embarks on an expedition to save the land of Moss. This new game, Quill’s Quest, continues the story of Quill’s quest. It was developed by Polyarc, a studio located in Seattle, and it was a hit. Moss: Book 2, which is arriving on more systems, continues the tale that was started in the first game.

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Book 2 of Moss continues right where Book 1 left off, with the player controlling Quill, a mouse hero who had rescued her uncle Argus but now had to evade a winged tyrant who had taken up residence in the castle where Argus had been kept. Both Moss games received positive feedback and were regarded as some of the best experiences on PlayStation VR.

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When we tried out Moss: Book 2 on PSVR back in the spring, we gave it a score of four out of five stars, which earned it a recommendation from The critic stated that there is a sense of life all about you in the world that Polyarc has crafted, noting that not only are there gorgeous and highly detailed settings to investigate but there is also a sense of mystery and intrigue.