Rocket Pass 5 Is Blasting Onto Rocket League’s Field With 70 New Tiers Of Unlockable Items

Rocket Pass 5 Is Blasting Onto Rocket League’s Field With 70 New Tiers Of Unlockable Items
Credit: Rocket League via YouTube

Out with the old and in with the new. Out with Rocket Pass 4 and in with Rocket Pass 5.

In just a few short days, Rocket League gamers will be embarking on a new Rocket Pass season that is loaded with features.

On December 4th, after the massive Blueprint Update, gamers will be able to start Rocket Pass 5.

Here is the Rocket Pass 5 trailer dropped by Rocket League.

That video plays as an indie-anime supercar short film, and it shows off the brand-new car Chikara and a few of its Tier levels. If players upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium, then the car is theirs.

If gamers purchase Rocket Pass Premium, they will get an initial fifty percent experience point bonus and up to 70 Tiers of rewards.

Rocket Pass 5 will have 70 Tiers of brand-new items, starting at Tier 1 with the Chikara. Tier 5 is a Bike Rack, Tier 22 is a new Pow!, Tier 25 features the hilarious Mr. Tubeman and a Vaporstream with Tier 53. Gamers will work their way all up to the 70th tier, which features the Chikara GTX.

The Chikara GTX was shown in the trailer, and it is as aesthetic as it gets. If players get passed the 70th tier, they will enter the Pro Tiers and start unlocking painted and special editions of the items from the lower Tiers.

There will be Weekly Challenges throughout Rocket Pass 5 for Premium and Free tracks. This means that players that haven’t paid for Premium can earn free rewards as well, just not the tiered ones.

By completing these Weekly Challenges, players will move up the Tiers a lot quicker. Another great feature is that if a player misses a Weekly Challenge, they can go back and complete it later. All Weekly Challenges will be active throughout Rocket Pass 5.

As mentioned in the Blueprint Update, Keys are being replaced by Credits.

Rocket Pass Premium will cost a gamer 1000 Credits. Rocket League gamers could also choose to buy the Premium Bundle for 2000 Credits. They will get Premium and will unlock the first 12 Tiers. Players will immediately get things like a 10% Party XP Boost, the Yokai, a Floppy Fish, and will be well ahead of the competition.

Rocket Pass 4 will end on December 3rd, so gamers are encouraged to keep grinding and get as much out of it as possible, because ones it’s gone, it’s gone!