New Cartel Market Items In Star Wars The Old Republic Fits In With The New Expansion

New Cartel Market Items In Star Wars The Old Republic Fits In With The New Expansion
Credit: Star Wars the Old Republic

Star Wars the Old Republic has a history of bringing in new items for the Cartel Market, and these items range from tie ins to the movies, tie ins to old characters like Darth Revan, or tie ins to the new expansion. And in this round, it is the new expansion that these Cartel Market items fit in with.

The Cartel Market is a “for real money” market that players can purchase from with the currency that you can buy with real money, the Cartel Coin. And even though subscribers get 500 cartel coins free every month and players using the security key app get 100 on top of that, the fastest way to accumulate Cartel Coins is to purchase them through the website or in-game when trying to purchase items.

The Onderonian Guardian bundle comes with an armor set full of all seven pieces; the chest piece, the leg piece, the headpiece, the gloves, the boots, the wrist guard and the belt, however, the headpiece does not hide hoods. The bundle also comes with a sword befitting the Onderonian Guardian’s look.

The Ruthless Oppressor comes with another full set of seven, though in this set, the headpiece, a rebreather, does hide hoods. This bundle also comes with a lightsaber and is a perfect look for a Sith player.

The reconstructed apprentice bundle is also another seven-piece set, but this one is special. It is a modified version of what the returning Lord Scourge wears when attacking you in a boss fight on Mek-Sha, and again without the helmet later. This also comes with a lightsaber.

The other items released on the Cartel Market are the Onderonian Cutlass, the sword that comes with the Onderonian Guardian set. This weapon is a sword with a guard protecting the fist, with a plasma looking blade coming from the base of the weapon and stopping at the tip of the blade.  The Market is also getting a pike version of this blade as well.

The Market is also getting a single-bladed and dual balded lightsaber version of the Onderonian Cutlass, the Onderonian Guard’s Lightsaber and Dual Saber.

There’s also the Tarnux’s Blade and Blade Staff, a Sith looking version of the Onderonian Cutlass and Pike.

Players are getting access to the Tarnux’s Lightsaber and Dual Saber, also a Sith looking version of the Onderonian Guard’s lightsabers.

There’s also a new pet, the Vuptilla’s Pup, an ice wolf looking thing that follows players around as they quest.

Finally, there are decorations and character flairs. Players can purchase the Mek-Sha and Holo-signs bundles, granting an assortment of items for their stronghold. The Mek-Sha concert stage is also an option, as is the Nightlife VIP flair for around the character icon.

These items will only be available for a limited time, so if players want them, they’ll need to get them quickly. After that, they’ll only be available from scalpers on the GTN.