Season 4 In Apex Legends Is Now Live And It Introduces A New Battle Pass System

Season 4 In Apex Legends Is Now Live And It Introduces A New Battle Pass System
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games right now. A huge reason for this, especially lately, is because of the regular updates it has received. Respawn Entertainment has certainly done a good job at dedicating a lot of their time to the free-to-play battle royale game and it’s paying off.

Season 4 just kicked off for all major platforms, and to celebrate, a new trailer was just put out. It breaks down some of the changes that players can expect to see when they first enter a match. The developer has also put out some patch notes for those who want to know the most impactful changes and systems coming to the game.

One of these changes is a new battle pass system. It lets you unlock a wide variety of items. These include weapons, resources, and skins. Anything that you unlock during this season can be kept forever. That’s a great deal if you like collecting new things or changing up your character’s cosmetics. If you’re looking to check out this system, you can purchase 950 Apex Coins. The system is completely optional, though, and you’ll still have access to a lot of great items should you forgo it.

Season 4 also is introducing a new Legend called Revenant. He has the ability to move across the map much quicker than other Legends, as well as take out enemy defenses. Overall, he seems like a great addition that should be a fan-favorite out of the gate. It’s great to see Respawn continuing to add Legends to this game. It lets players check out new combat and defensive systems for a fresh gaming experience.

One of the more notable new weapons being added with this season is the Sentinel Sniper Rifle. As you might imagine, it’s coveted for its long-range capabilities. If you’re one of those players that likes to sit back and shoot from a safe distance, it’s definitely a weapon you’ll want to try out firsthand. It’s particularly powerful.

World’s Edge was an important new map added to Apex Legends, and Season 4 is adding new points of interest. One of these is the Planet Harvester, which is multi-tiered and should be a fun battleground for players.

Overall, Season 4 looks like it’s bringing a lot of great additions to an amazing battle royale game. If you haven’t visited this game in a while, now may be the perfect time with all of the new updates.