Fortnite Players Form Organization To Serve As Platform For Discussions With Epic Games

Fortnite Players Form Organization To Serve As Platform For Discussions With Epic Games
Credit: Simply Fortnite via YouTube

There is strength in numbers, as the famous saying goes. If individuals want to make a more significant impact and go further, it would be better to do things as a group. This mantra has been adopted by Fornite players who want to leave their mark on the game.

These players have banded together to form a group called the Fortnite Professional Players Association (FNPPA). The organization is composed of top-level players from across the globe who have a different mission in mind.

Based on a declaration made on its Twitter account, FNPPA wants to go into more serious territory. Its members are interested in engaging Epic in a dialogue to discuss issues concerning the game’s competitive aspect.

With this development, Fortnite players can openly communicate with the developer on a range of concerns. Gamers can Tweet, post their views on message boards, or send Epic execs an email.

Having a group like FNPPA offers a handful of advantages. For one, the group’s members have a stronger voice so they can collectively express their opinion. The organization will act as a formal channel for discourse with Epic, and therefore cannot be ignored.

Moreover, the FNPPA’s membership is composed of the finest Fortnite players. Representing the association’s board are 16 of the game’s leading players, including those coming from the US and Europe. The group plans to invite more players to join.

The FNPPA’s founding members are comprised of players from NRG thieves, NRG Esports, Team SoliMid, and Fnatic. Other members include World Cup Solo winner Kylie Giersdorf and World Cup Duos winner David Wang.

The FNPPA, however, clarified that it is not a legal entity. It is just a group that wants to lend a helping hand to players who are encountering game-related issues. The challenge now is how the organization can unite the divergent opinions of its members.

The gaming community has hailed the rise of Fortnite as an esport. However, despite the game’s massive success, its developer continues to face challenges along the way. These include issues regarding the game’s competitive integrity.

For instance, there was a time when Epic Games decided to release several game-changing patches shortly before a competition. This move drew a howl of protest from players who were adversely affected by the updates.

And more recently, the developer has introduced a powerful mechanized suit in the game. Unfortunately, this upgrade has upset both streamers and pro players. According to them, the suit has upset the competitive balance of Fortnite.