Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Gamers Really Want To Play Shipment, But They Keep Getting Vacant Instead

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Gamers Really Want To Play Shipment, But They Keep Getting Vacant Instead
Credit: Activision

As many Call of Duty gamers know, Modern Warfare doesn’t feature a map selection feature. Infinity Ward opted out of this element to help stop people from leaving the match lobby.

Typically, players in the match lobby would vote for a map that pops up, and if one gets enough votes, that becomes the map the gamers will play on. However, what happens with that is players that lost the vote will leave the lobby and re-queue in hopes to play the map that they want.

By not allowing Modern Warfare gamers to pick the map, they effectively must live with whatever one is chosen at random. And this has been quite an issue for many players lately.
Modern Warfare players have been subject to playing Vacant an insane amount of times in the Season One Mosh Pit mode.

All over the Modern Warfare subreddit, gamers have been complaining and posting memes about the apparent lack of balance between the number of times they must play Vacant versus the amount they load into Shipment.

Here is Jeeshish’s statistical circle graph that he made:

Season One Mosh Pit playlist
byu/Jeeshish inmodernwarfare

And here is another excellent meme by khorne333:

How I see myself during 10 minutes of queue searching for Shipment
byu/khorne333 inmodernwarfare

Not all qualms have been with solely the Season One Most Pit mode:

Besides memes, there have been a few Reddit users that have written out their frustrations, hoping that Infinity Ward takes notice. Madzuk posted a length Reddit post explaining why he believes that the current Matchmaking system isn’t working.

He cites the fact that Infinity Ward had done away with map voting. But, he does agree that their reasoning for it is logical. He offers a remedy though to many gamers’ issues with receiving Vacant multiple times in a row. If there were a guaranteed new map after playing one, for example, Shipment would be played after Vacant, then lobbies wouldn’t be abandoned, and gamers would be generally happier.

It makes a lot of sense. One would think that it would be easy for Infinity Ward to change up the algorithm to ensure that the same map doesn’t have to be played multiple times in a row.

Infinity Ward has a few employees that interact on the Reddit board, so the chances of them seeing these posts aren’t zero. Hopefully, they will notice what Modern Warfare gamers are asking for, and do what they can if it’s not unreasonable, and in this case, it’s not.