Galacide Combines Puzzle Elements With Shoot Em Up Gameplay, Now Porting To Consoles

Galacide Combines Puzzle Elements With Shoot Em Up Gameplay, Now Porting To Consoles
Credit: Steam XO

Prepare for a title that mixes blasting action with quick-thinking puzzles as Galacide makes its way to Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. This title is developed by Puny Human and it goes a long way in combining two genres of games into one unique experience. Enjoy the bullet-hell action as you try to solve a puzzle designed on a simple match-3 system. This is a true test of gaming skill in a cheap and unique package.

Jump into the shoes of a pilot who must save the galaxy from an ever-growing alien menace. Battle through unique situations that you will not find in other situations. This game is loaded with unique situations along with extra DLC content from the game’s long history.

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Command a destructive spaceship through challenging puzzle environments. Battle through hordes of enemies while solving colors, dodging bullets, and taking down impossible bosses. This game is one part shooter, one part matching, and one part chaos.

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Players can take advantage of a wide variety of ship options. Players will need to find a balance between tunneling through the Bitwall and fighting enemies. This means choosing the right ship for the right pilot for the right mission.

The Mining ship will allow players a balanced build of agility, strength, and firepower. The tractor beam can pull in enemy Scrap and make future upgrades more viable. The Freighter is not the fastest or the strongest, but it is the toughest. This ship comes with the ability to store and retrieve enemy scrap in its cargo hold.

The Phase ship is a secret military project. It is extremely fast and can phase through the Bitwall and dodge enemy attacks on a cooldown. Then the Military ship is the strongest for offensive firepower. Homing missiles allow players to burst through the Bitwall and carve their own path to victory.

Enjoy up to four players in a coop experience as you save the galaxy. Fight through tons of different campaigns, environments, and challenges on your quest to eliminate the alien horde.

This title does come with two variant modes, Endless play and Puzzle play, which give a different game experience to those wanting something new. Enjoy both as a unique challenge that takes the game to the very next level.

This is a difficult and fast-paced title. Prepare to put yourself to the test in this unique shoot ’em up adventure.

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Galacide is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.