Nintendo Releases Powerful ‘Top Games’ List In Japan, And Pokemon Sword And Shield Does It Again

Nintendo Releases Powerful ‘Top Games’ List In Japan, And Pokemon Sword And Shield Does It Again
Credit: Nintendo Switch Website

There is some great news in the pipes for people who love the Nintendo Switch. For the first time, we have a powerfully aggregated list of those games that totally blew everybody away across the pond. This means we now know everything we need to know which games are truly the best games, and this is because the Japanese market has games we have never even dreamed about.

In order to fully understand this, you have to consider a few simple facts. Where exactly is Nintendo located? That is right. It is found in Japan. The country of games. Absolutely incredible stuff. So be prepared for this list to shock and amaze. There are going to be things you never even fully contemplated, and this means we have to be ready for it all at the end of the day.

In fact, there are actually two lists of games. And the first one is to download exclusive games. Those are the game you have to download in order to play, which means you are going to invariably have that baby on your Switch. Incredible.

There are three crown levels. The first level is gold, the second is silver, and the third is bronze. If you know anything about exotic metals, then surely you know exactly what those ores mean in this context. Because it means quite a lot in fact. First, the gold crown went to a game that is completely in Japanese. This is one you can’t get overseas.

The sliver crown went to a game called “Human Fall Flat.” This is a sort of physics type of game that rewards players with a whole bevy of experience. We are talking about true kings here. Good luck.

The bronze crown actually ended up going to a game we are all familiar with over here in the States. This baby is known as “Cuphead.” And it is that powerful, indeed. So if you have this one in your library, then you should go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. Good work, gamers. That’s pulling through if I ever saw it.

Anyway, the second list is a list of physical games. These are the ones with true power. We are talking about true content-busting powerhouses in all of their ethereal glory. Don’t catch yourself sleeping here. Well, it turns out the top game in this category was none other than the powerful Pokemon Sword. Good work Nintendogs!