Frictional Games Studio Starts Teasing Their Latest Release With New Website For Next Horror Survival Game

Frictional Games Studio Starts Teasing Their Latest Release With New Website For Next Horror Survival Game
Credit: SOMA via Steam

Frictional Games, the studio behind such classics as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA are coming out with a new game, and it looks absolutely dark. This is great news for horror game fans since Frictional is pretty well known for producing some of the best games in the genre to date.

The new game was first teased about a week ago, but the latest development has come out thanks to a new website being added for the game to Frictional’s website. The new website features a little spore or something floating in the center of the page, pulsing with light as if something is ready to spring out of it and grow over the page. It looks really spooky for sure.

The development started on Frictional’s actual website itself. One of the tabs was added over the last 24 hours, and it says “Next Frictional Game.” When players click on the link, it takes them to a whole new website called “”

This seems like teasing for the sake of teasing, but hey, that’s usually the best option to try and get the hype going for your latest game. If anybody deserves to ride that hype train, it’s certainly Frictional, which has consistently produced some of the best horror games around.

Their last game, SOMA, came out in 2015, and the gaming studio has been pretty quiet since then. SOMA was a horror-game that included a bit of survival flair in the game. In fact, one of the latest updates actually allows players to become invisible to the monsters within the game so they can just enjoy the story without having to deal with the jump scares everywhere.

SOMA takes place in a research facility that is under the ocean in 2104. There’s an artificial intelligence that runs the facility. The protagonist of our game has a major traumatic brain injury and undergoes an emergency procedure in 2015. The next thing he knows he wakes up in the underwater facility and has to explore the site to figure out what has happened since he has gone under. Things get really crazy from there, as you can imagine.

Since so many of these little teases have been coming out over the last week or so for the new game coming from Frictional Game Studios, gamers can be sure that something will be coming out soon. Keep your eyes posted for the latest from Frictional because there’s bound to be a new trailer or something coming out sometime soon.