Frictional Games Releases New Trailer Of Amnesia: Rebirth Running At 60 Frames Per Second

Frictional Games Releases New Trailer Of Amnesia: Rebirth Running At 60 Frames Per Second
Credit: frictionalgames via YouTube

There are a few ways you can know, without looking at a calendar, that we are into the month of October.

The wind turns a bit cooler, the evenings encourage a sweater, candy is readily available at every grocer in fascinatingly large bags, and a bunch of horrifying titles that will help clear up that constipation from the last family BBQ event of the summer begin encroaching onto Steam.

One of the masters of horror, Frictional Games, is bringing their Amnesia title back to the forefront after an admittedly disappointing release acting as the publisher for Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs with The Chinese Room acting as developers in what turned out to be a title filled with little horror and a heft of levers and pulleys.

Fear not, gamers that enjoy making a mess in their pants; Frictional Games is running it back with a title that already boasts a wealth competence with little more than trailers to go off of as ungodly horrors chase you through a desert of Algeria with winding corridors and the aftermath of battle as you attempt to figure out precisely who, and perhaps what, you are.

Frictional Games just pushed out a trailer yesterday showing off some intense scenes for the upcoming Amnesia: Rebirth that will bring your pucker-factor up a few notches; today, another trailer drops at the beautiful standard of 60FPS that brings a bit more braggadocio with their talent; the trailer yesterday was at 30 frames per second, bringing iffy fan results.

Yes, 60 frames per second; granted, some of the bigger power-users are already asking about 120 frames per second, but with the gaffe yesterday it’s presumed a 60FPS lock will be engrained.

Note that this isn’t confirmed: neither the Steam page for Amnesia: Rebirth nor Frictional Games website speaks about title resolution nor frame-rate.

In spite of this, however, 60 FPS should more than suffice; that atmosphere reeks of suspense and oppression, consistently enticing players further into labyrinthian design while threatening players with obscene horrors eager to remove whatever snippets of sanity the protagonist, Tasi Trianon, can manage to hold closely.

Fans of Amnesia: The Dark Descent look to be welcomed into Rebirth; once again, Frictional Games is looking at combining horrors with intricate puzzles, forcing players to focus on keeping themselves safe while combatting whatever remnants of evil affect Tasi in the form of both her haunting past and present horrors stalking her through the desert to the only chance she has of a future.

Amnesia: Rebirth is scheduled to release on October 20, 2020, and will retail for $30.00.