Nvidia Announces Incoming RTX 3070 Availability By The End Of October To Meet Demand

Nvidia Announces Incoming RTX 3070 Availability By The End Of October To Meet Demand
Credit: CNET Highlights via YouTube

Users that have been desperately trying to find the newest generation of Nvidia cards, only to be foiled by scalpers and bots time and again, might have something to finally celebrate.

Beyond the original shipment of 3080’s struggling with driver issues and suspecting build-quality both struggling to keep up with expectations and demands from purchasers.

Nvidia has announced today on their blog that the production of the upcoming RTX 3070 is now being updated to October 29 to ensure that there are more cards available to dodge the backlash of shortage that occurred with the 3080. A remaining issue is that the cards could well be swept again by bots and script-users that can check out before authentic consumers can even load the page.

It’s quite possible that the issue isn’t the number of cards that are available, but that they’re gone so quickly from demand; an issue that will only be mitigated through multiple releases.

Still, Nvidia did finally add a roadblock for bots in the form of Captcha’s well after 3080’s had been gone; these Captcha’s can be dodged using further tools available to scalpers (and fine-tuned in the past decade) yet Nvidia has stated that they are working through orders and removing those from scalpers to the best of their ability.

In terms of performance to price-point, the RTX 3070 is a strong card for a fantastic price, bringing (as Nvidia claims) ‘similar or faster’ performance in direct comparisons to the RTX 2080 Ti which is sold at twice the price.

The 3070 MSRP is $499, with a bit of tax tacked on you’re looking at somewhere around $525 for purchase if you’re counting the pennies in the bank account in anticipation for October 29.

With that in mind, pushing the launch date of the RTX 3070 by a full week likely will not stymie the unprecedented demand, and some of the younger gamers are continuing to insult Nvidia for not being able to match international demand on the first shipment of cards is rife with misunderstandings of how supply & demand could possibly work on a large scale.

At worst, Nvidia could be held to the fire for not incorporating a means to block bots from purchases; anything beyond that is reaching that requires a heft of stretching beforehand.

If you’re a smart consumer, you’re going to wait on this; at the moment, the cards will be available well past October and Nvidia will continue to sell them for years (at the least). Additionally, it gives time for Nvidia to suss out the reported issue with the newest generation of cards.