Minecraft YouTuber, WeAreSteve, Shows How He Makes The Stop Motion Animations In Minecraft

Minecraft YouTuber, WeAreSteve, Shows How He Makes The Stop Motion Animations In Minecraft
Credit: WeAreSteve Via YouTube

Minecraft YouTubers have enjoyed the increased popularity that Minecraft has experienced; this popularity makes Minecrafters like Dream have the ability to create a new type of game mode for his viewers.

This new game mode is called the Minecraft Manhunt, where Dream has to speedrun the game while the other players have to try and kill him before he kills the Ender Dragon. Dream not only creates new game modes to record with his friends but also challenges that Dream and GeorgeNotFound partake in.

Dream’s most recent challenge has both him and George getting shocked everything they take damage in Minecraft. Minecraft’s challenges are nothing new, as Mizkif ended up shaving his head after failing to beat Minecraft in his set time frame.

The Minecraft YouTuber, WeAreSteve, recently created the Avatar, the Last Airbender intro animation in Minecraft, using stop motion animation techniques. This animation looks fantastic and shows a large amount of detail that WeAreSteve puts into every one of his builds/animations.

Stop motion animation techniques take a considerable amount of time and effort due to having to continually break down and change the moving piece of the animation without altering any other part so that the next frame looks correct.

This type of animation has largely been forgotten due to the exceedingly large amount of time that it takes to even make a simple animation when compared.

WeAreSteve has also created a video to showcase how he goes about making his fantastic animations. This video showcases how he made the Shrek starting to the movie; this intro shows Shrek opening the door to his outhouse and kicking off the toilet paper that gets stuck to his shoe.

The video starts with him leveling the ground and building the shed that Shrek will be leaving during the animation.

The stop motion animation is amazingly smooth and even shows WeAreSteve at certain points but, he is completely overshadowed by not only the high amount of detail shown in both Shrek but also in the outhouse behind him.

Since, WeAreSteve put so much effort into each animation, go watch them on his channel. His channel focuses on recreating some larger than life Minecraft creations that look and capture the spirit from the original video or meme in Minecraft.