Owners Of Nvidia’s New 3080 GPU Have Claimed Driver Issues Are Rendering Games Unplayable

Owners Of Nvidia’s New 3080 GPU Have Claimed Driver Issues Are Rendering Games Unplayable
Credit: NVIDIA

The Nvidia 3080 launch went about as expected, with everything that the statement tends to bring with it.

It was sold out on most market’s within a second of the release going live thanks to bots and scalpers that Nvidia has stated they are actively fighting against, fury has arisen from fans that Nvidia hasn’t made enough cards for everyone who wanted them before releasing, and many are more than content to sit and await AMD’s anticipated unveiling of their rival cards as Nvidia’s stock likely isn’t going to be replaced anytime soon.

Today, the other shoe is beginning to drop which is also typical of new-generation GPUs.

The lucky few that managed to get their hands on a card in the first wave of release are now reporting a plethora of titles that simply won’t operate well with the card, citing possible driver issues as the primary culprit as they struggle with titles across a broad spectrum.

Nvidia has not publically commented on the rising swell of reports and complaints as of publication.

The issue doesn’t appear to only be hurting 3080 owners as well, but it is difficult to discern which complaints are coming from which system builds: a common issue in the world of PC users.

Lest everyone pull out their ever-handy pitchforks and torches, this is a generally common occurrence with new GPU launches, and should not be taken as an implication as anything more than looping a new generation of GPUs into driver patches.

Unfortunately, that does little to placate the frustrated users that managed to defeat overwhelming odds to gain a hotly anticipated GPU to find out that it isn’t working as hoped on release. Further, considering that many sold their 20XX series at a loss to prepare for the 3080 release, not having a spare GPU in a drawer could likely spell immediate doom as far as PC gaming goes.

Without Nvidia making an official statement regarding the influx of reported issues (that do not seem to affect everyone), it’s difficult to state when the issues will ultimately be fixed. Here’s hoping you have a console or two lying around to make life a bit easier while Nvidia figures out the purported driver issues in the interim.

As is typical on the internet, where everyone becomes fascinatingly brave behind a keyboard, some are celebrating the issues that 3080 owners are experiencing and reporting.

For temporary workarounds, users can also use their mobo’s ports to run programs if they’re strong enough, although expect to massively downscale your fidelity and overall experience. Alternatively, switching various functions off (and even underclocking) could help give the performance boost necessary for 3080 owners to continue gaming in the interim.

Until Nvidia officially breaks the silence on their end, however, everyone is figuratively stuck in the mud.