Nvidia Releases GPU Driver That’s Game Ready To Enhance Geforce Video Cards 

Nvidia Releases GPU Driver That’s Game Ready To Enhance Geforce Video Cards 
Credit: Games Addict via YouTube

Nvidia is releasing new “game ready” GPU driver that will reportedly enhance the performance of GeForce video cards.

The release is perfect timing with the launch of the Control, a new game from Remedy Entertainment. The version 436.15 WHQL driver is reportedly built to provide better support for Control.

According to the manufacturer, the driver will give optimize the gaming experience for new game releases. These include titles for virtual reality games. In fact, the company rushed to address all bugs and tweaks “until the last minute.” This is to ensure that the game ready driver is primed once Control comes out.

The release of the new Nvidia game ready driver is perfect since Control really maximizes ray tracing in gameplay. PCGamer called it the best shipping game that made the best use of ray tracing technology.

Ray tracing, of course, is nothing more than a lifelike application of light and shadows in each scene. However, it’s a very demanding technology that takes a lot of horsepowers to create. This is why most developers don’t really employ full tracing in their games.

From the makers of Max Payne comes Control, an action-adventure game in third-person format. You play Jesse Faden, a mysterious woman, who arrives at the Federal Bureau of Control at the wrong time.

She is at the bureau to find answers following the abduction of his younger brother. However, the whole building is under threat from a supernatural force. Faden also has supernatural powers of her own, including levitation, telekinesis, and controlling enemies.

This allows her to wield the Service Weapon, which gives her the authority to be appointed the new bureau director.

Control features a whole gamut of features, including diffuse indirect lighting and ray-traced reflections.

Remedy Entertainment maximized the potential of its new Northlight Engine to design the new title. This enables the developer to achieve a “cinematic look” in the way the story is presented. Realism is what the game is all about with very detailed visuals. And this realism is further heightened on the PC by enhancing graphical fidelity like never before.

For the game ready graphics card, Nvidia aimed to optimize the ray-traced effects in Control. These include the reflections, transparent reflections, diffuse lighting, contact shadows, and debris.

You can download the new game ready driver from the GeForce Experience. Control is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.