Some New Footage Was Shown Of The Last Of Us 2, Will Hopefully Debut Soon

Some New Footage Was Shown Of The Last Of Us 2, Will Hopefully Debut Soon
Credit: GameNewsOfficial via YouTube

When you think of PlayStation exclusives that revolutionized the gaming sector, The Last of Us immediately comes to mind. This game has been pivotal for PlayStation sales and the gaming industry overall. Naughty Dog really did design something special, leaving us with an emotional journey that won’t be soon forgotten.

The sequel has been in the works for some time now, and based on fan reaction, it’s going to do amazing numbers for the PlayStation 4 once again. We’re so attached to the two main protagonists featured in the first game: Joel and Ellie. They have an authentic relationship that you don’t typically get in these types of action-adventure games.

So far, we’ve seen a couple of trailers showing off a little bit of the story and brief gameplay footage. Fans have wanted something more to really dive head-first into, and it appears that this could be happening sooner rather than later. A gaming conference was recently held for GameStop managers, who were lucky enough to see a little more of The Last of Us 2. This happened a couple of days before PAX West, which kicks off this Friday.

According to feedback on the shown footage, it’s very short but does give us a better idea of how gameplay will unfold. Another user described the footage in more detail, saying it was focused a lot on stealth-based movement. That’s not surprising. There are portions of this game when you have to be quiet, particularly when walking around Clickers.

So, when exactly will the rest of us be able to seen this secrete footage that’s building a lot of buzz? No exact date has been given, but you can bet this gameplay footage will either leak or be officially unveiled by Naughty Dog soon.

There is an official event called Outbreak Day, which serves as a celebration for The Last of Us series. It would make sense that Naughty Dog would use this day as a way to show more of what they’ve kept quiet on. You can just feel the excitement within the gaming community.

It’s not often that a game like The Last of Us comes around. It certainly has set the standard for the survival-horror genre. The sequel has the chance to elevate the franchise even more, making improvements with the story elements and the combat mechanics. Hopefully, the footage lives up to the hype and gives us a better idea of what’s in store.