Frictional Games’ May Be Preparing For New Game With Updated Website And Twitter Poll

Frictional Games’ May Be Preparing For New Game With Updated Website And Twitter Poll
Credit: SOMA via Steam

Frictional Games, the development studio behind the series Penumbra, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and SOMA have teased a new project.

Previously, Frictional Games held a poll on Twitter asking fans where they would want future support. The survey referred to “the next Frictional Games title.”

Throughout the Twitter status updates of holiday sales and game jams, Frictional Games has rolled out a new website for an unknown future game.

The announcement is different from the new website redesign. The official Frictional Games website went through a major refresh after five years of existence. All of their games and content are now available in once place for fans to enjoy. Previously, the website was located on Blogspot.

The new teaser website is now at and titled “Next Frictional Game.” The domain name was registered in September 2008 but recently updated in 2019, perhaps in anticipation of a 2020 announcement.

The website has little actual content besides from the Frictional Games logo and some social media links.

There is a flashing circle in the middle of the screen, but nothing loads. The name of the video is “1223.mp4,” which can either be a hint into the game or is a random file name.

The first title that the development studio released was Penumbra, which was a first-person survival horror series that focused on survival instead of fighting.

Their next series was Amnesia, a first-person game where players can’t fight back. They can only hide from any of the dangers lurking near them.

The last title that Frictional Games released was the 2015 title SOMA. The game takes place in the ocean and “is an unsettling story about identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human.”

Frictional Games hasn’t spoken about their new website on social media yet. Their Twitter bio does state that they have “two new projects in progress” with little additional content. The news may not come until 2020 when there is more information to announce.

While the placeholder domain may only be that, a placeholder, news that it was updated gives players some hope that one of the developer’s two new titles will be announced soon.

While fans wait in anticipation of any news, they can enjoy Frictional Games’ other titles. They’re all currently on sale on Steam for 85%-90% off.