Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak Suggests The Game Will Have Five More Seasons This Year

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak Suggests The Game Will Have Five More Seasons This Year
Credit: Activision

There never seems to be any shortage of leaks regarding Infinity Ward’s latest Call of Duty title, with the latest one surrounding Sony and Activision’s exclusivity deal. Of course, the Spec Ops Survival mode in Modern Warfare is exclusive for the PlayStation 4 for a limited time.

The latest leak regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seems to suggest that the game will have five more seasons this year, as it shows five “Redacted” maps that are being planned for the future. Furthermore, the leak suggests that the Spec Ops Survival mode will receive one new map at the beginning of each season, which is why people are concluding that there will be five new seasons in 2020.

Sony’s current deal with Activision which is keeping the Survival mode exclusive to the PlayStation 4 also includes post-launch items, with Modern Warfare’s official website saying “Each Modern Warfare season will bring a new location to Survival.”

An earlier leak suggested that Modern Warfare’s first season will end later this month and that each subsequent season will be around two months long. So, if that leak proves to be correct, then the math works out perfectly for five more seasons of COD: MW.

Also rumored to be coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at the end of this month is a pretty sizeable Battle Royale mode, which could host up to 200 players. Like in all other BR modes, players will be able to go into games solo, as part of a two-player team, or in a four-player group.

Furthermore, data miners have been able to access the mode’s map, which features a combination of maps from the standard multiplayer modes and the Spec Ops modes. The map appears to be quite large, which is what you’d expect given that the rumor is that it’ll be capable of hosting 200 players in one match.

Even though Infinity Ward hasn’t confirmed that Battle Royale mode, it’s almost a sure thing that it’s coming at some point, even if it doesn’t arrive at the end of this month.

If Call of Duty: Modern Warfare does have five more seasons left this year, that that’ll mean players will receive five more months of post-launch content, including new maps, modes, weapons, and cosmetics. As of right now, the developers haven’t revealed what’ll be coming to the popular first-person shooter when it heads into its second season, but if it’s going to begin at the end of the month, then expect to see an announcement very soon.