Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Releases Season 2 Today As The Title Regains Some Popularity

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Releases Season 2 Today As The Title Regains Some Popularity
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Fall Guys suddenly turned into a massive success with a new take on the battle royale genre that doesn’t rely on players managing to drop onto better loot than their opponents.

With its goofy charm and competition being played out through a bizarre game show of humanoid blobs running, hopping, and dodging (with just a bit of pushing and pulling) to be the ultimate winner. It was clean, the gameplay loop was easily understood, and there was only a minor hint of cheaters foiling games for players as Mediatonic attempted to chase down the bad actors within the servers.

Fall Guys enjoyed a good bit of time as the flavor of the week across multiple platforms, superseded by Among Us getting a monumental second wind, and then slowly continuing into obscurity.

Today, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has received its second season of content, bringing a bit more to bargain as Mediatonic vies for a second wind of their own.

The season brings about the previously discussed content with medieval costumes and four new levels; Mediatonic notes that even more levels for players to contest each other for victories are on the way; when they will be released for play is currently unknown.

Further, the new season launch hasn’t been removed of issues; DLC costumes aren’t operating as expected on Steam currently, with many players not receiving the purchased items. Mediatonic states that they are currently working on a fix and that everyone who has purchased will receive their items once the issue has been fixed.

In light of the second season, Fall Guys has begun to climb its way back up the Steam Charts by more than doubling the standard population count. The average for the past week has been roughly 35,000, and the second season launching has spiked that number back to a high of 81,403; notably less than its all-time peak on Steam at 109,000 concurrent players but still a dramatic improvement in terms of population for the standard.

The question now, as the title dips back into the 52,000 territory, is whether the second season with content will be enough for Fall Guys to maintain its popularity moving forward.

With the second season offering 4 new maps (arguably one of the greatest catalysts for the increased population) and more in development, it doesn’t seem sustainable for Mediatonic to continue to release maps at a speed that that will recharge the popularity of the title.

It’s worth keeping a finger on the pulse of Fall Guys and how the population wavers across the platforms as Mediatonic tries to figure out the sweet spot of content and sustainment in the coming months.