After The Success Of Fall Guys Interest Of Gamers Has Grown In Battle Royale Clone Called Stumble Guys

After The Success Of Fall Guys Interest Of Gamers Has Grown In Battle Royale Clone Called Stumble Guys
Credit: PCgamer

After the resounding success of Fall Guys, the interest of gamers in the battle royale clone called Stumble Guys has seriously grown.

The games are very similar between themselves- there and there, funny characters compete for first place in colorful locations with obstacles.

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Developed by the Finnish studio Kitka Games, the game went on sale just a few months after Fall Guys but, at first, did not show impressive results. However, in recent years its popularity has grown dramatically, according to the portal, citing the AppMagic analytical toolkit.

The PC version of Stumble Guys was also released in October 2021, and its developer claims that the game now attracts 18 million players daily.

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In June, Stumble Guys reportedly had 32.8 million downloads when it generated 6.6 million user spends.

Downloads peaked on June 25, when 1.5 million players downloaded the game in one day.

Stumble Guys’ daily download peaked just four days after Fall Guys went free-to-play last month.

On June 21, Fall Guys also launched for the first time on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and the Epic Games Store.

The PC version has also been removed from sale on Steam, although existing owners will continue to receive full support.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic recently said the chaotic battle royale game targets 50 million players within two weeks of its free release.

Chinese game and entertainment company Billy Bailey has acquired the right to publish a mobile version of Fall Guys in China in 2020.

Mediatonic has not announced plans to release a mobile version of the game in the West, but if it did, it would be less likely to hit the App Store shortly.

Epic Games, which bought Mediatonic last year, is embroiled in a protracted legal dispute with Apple, which it accuses of monopolizing the iPhone market.

Last year, Apple said it had blocked Fortnight and would not reinstate the Apex developer’s App Store account until the legal battle was over, which may not be for several years.
In a previous post, a colorful platformer with elements of the royal battle Fall Guys, became accessible on all platforms on June 21.