Overkill Is Giving PC Users The Chance To Play Payday 2 For Free This Weekend In Celebration Of New DLC

Overkill Is Giving PC Users The Chance To Play Payday 2 For Free This Weekend In Celebration Of New DLC
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

The positively reviewed Payday 2 is officially in development again. It’s not getting re-hauled completely by any means, but it is receiving new DLC. That’s pretty incredible considering how much Overkill has had to deal with these past couple of years. After facing numerous setbacks, they’re finally looking to push forward and give Payday 2 fans the content they deserve.

To celebrate this continued development, Payday 2 is being offered for free over the weekend on the Steam platform. That’s great news if you have yet to experience this co-op heist experience. It does well in giving you plenty of missions to complete. On may involve taking down a bank and making off with the cash before a high-speed chase breaks out. The next could involve a kidnapping mission where stealth is your best friend.

The added variety always keeps you coming back for more, especially if you have a party of four. That’s where the Payday series shines its brightest. It’s one of the best co-op experiences on the market, even to this day. There’s something so special about putting together a tactical plan before the mission kicks off and executing it to perfection. Of course, there will be times when you have to adapt on the fly. These moments require communication and teamwork. The entire time, you’re riding high off a wave of adrenaline.

Playing this weekend trial is also great in that you get to experience the new cosmetic system that was just introduced. It lets you choose a custom mask and outfit for your character. Thus, everyone can dress up however they look to make these heist missions more dramatic. Having the ability to switch outfits from mission to mission gives this game even more possibilities from a cosmetics standpoint.

Other new DLC you’ll be able to take out for a test-drive include Border Crossing heists. They take place around Medico and involve the drug cartel. As you probably already know, there isn’t much room for error. Suffering any setbacks with the drug smuggling activities could result in a lot of heat in your direction.

It’s nice to see games that are as beloved as Payday 2 get new content. It gives returning players the chance to enjoy new experiences. New players have even more content to look forward to as well. The Payday series seems to be alive and kicking. Let’s just hope Overkill Software can keep the momentum going heading into 2020.