Evil Inside Is A Compelling Psychological Horror Game Coming Out Later This March

Evil Inside Is A Compelling Psychological Horror Game Coming Out Later This March
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Evil Inside is an upcoming psychological horror game with first-person visuals from the developer JanduSoft. It just received its official trailer announcement, which sees an unknown character walking through a pretty chilling house. There isn’t a soul to be found, but right away, you can tell something is off.

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You have some classic horror tropes like flickering lights and a seemingly abandoned hallway, but then things get a little stranger the further this unknown character walks. There appears to be a clown hanging from the chandelier, some sort of evil entity that looks like it came straight from The Ring, and bright light behind a door at the end of the hallway.

The first-person visuals really add to this immersive horror experience, much like elements in Hideo Kojima’s would-be P.T. (Silent Hills). Evil Inside is set to come out later this year and judging by this short announcement trailer, it seems teeming in chilling atmosphere that will grow darker by the minute.

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Looking at the game’s official page on Steam, the story revolves around a man named Mark who’s been through the tragic passing of his mother. His father is the suspected culprit and that sends Mark into a tailspin of paranormal investigation about his mother’s death.

He finds a Spiritual board to make contact, but as so often is the case, things take a turn for the bizarre and horrific after he embarks upon the path of reaching out to the other side. It’s a concept that has shown up quite a bit in horror movies, but it’s nice to see it in video game form.

Mark’s primary goal is to collect fragments of a Spiritual board in order to contact his mother Rose. It’s an interesting and sympathetic tale. Many would move heaven and earth to contact their loved ones that have passed on. But at what point does it become futile and even dangerous? That’s what Mark will have to come to grips with as he explores an ever-evolving house with dark secrets and evil entities.

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Events start out natural, but gradually, Mark will journey into a place of nightmares. That’s where Evil Inside looks to be particularly gripping. There have been a lot of horror games to come out recently, but this one in particular is doubling down on the scary atmosphere and tension-filled sequences. That could be its ticket to standing out amongst the growing pack. Time will tell.