The Lost Cube Is Now Available On PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

The Lost Cube Is Now Available On PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch
Credit: Steam XO

From JanduSoft and Redmount Media comes a unique platforming adventure for audiences of all ages. The Lost Cube is a journey inspired by classic titles like Celeste and Super Meat Boy. Players can expect a unique adventure with a young boy, his guitar, and a cube without a home.

The Lost Cube is launching on PC through Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. There is an expected release for Xbox fans soon so that all platforms can enjoy this unique adventure. Till then, fans are left restricted to the platforms listed above.

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The Lost Cube is a story about a magical red cube that has been combined with this hero’s guitar. Using the two, the player is able to breathe life back into the village. This is a game of patience and focus, and only through perseverance can one face the game’s evil.

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Gameplay-wise, this is a unique and challenging platformer that unravels the story of a village in northern Europe. Each day the village is serenaded with a special melody played upon a magical guitar that is designed to bring prosperity to the land.

When the magical cube that powers this song goes missing, it is up to a brave adventurer to find it. Only with this cube can Ulrik hope to return life to the village.

This is a journey with no weapons as you are an ordinary hero on a difficult mission. Players must dodge, jump, and navigate out of trouble as they face a barrage of enemies over the course of 60 distinct levels. Take on boss fights and traps as you explore an unforgiving world of evil and darkness.

The 60 handcrafted levels spread throughout a variety of seasons that will test a player’s patience. Each season has a unique theme that players will need to use to determine the enemies that they will face. This is a game of luck, skill, and ambition.

For those looking for a challenge, the game includes achievements and an endless-runner-style experience. This is a unique silent world that comes and goes with warm guitar melodies in an immersive atmosphere. Truly, this is a unique and driving adventure.

This title is great for players of all ages as it contains rather mild content while telling an immersive and driving story.

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The Lost Cube can be found on Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The game is set to release on Xbox One in the near future.