The Sims 4 Launches New Tiny DLC Content Packs Called “Kits”

The Sims 4 Launches New Tiny DLC Content Packs Called “Kits”
Credit: The Sims 4 Website

EA and Maxis have officially announced a new type of DLC content for The Sims 4 called “Kits.” Players discovered the new content in a recent update for the game, but the developer confirmed the news on social media. Kits are available for sale now.

The menu for Kits will be placed by “Packs” in the main menu. Three have been revealed so far, with more to come in the future. The menu UI went through a change last year, so the company could display the latest news when players start the game.

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There’s a new menu category that was unveiled with the official description. Kits are “mini bites” of content designed to enhance gameplay. The developer gave players a preview of the kit content and what players can do with them during a livestream on Tuesday.

“Bust the Dust Kit” is all about maintaining a clean house. Dust can pile up in a Sim’s home, making them even more filthy over time. Sims can get rid of the dirt by cleaning or letting it build up.

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Players will have new Buffs that will help them clean, then gain rewards for each dust level. The kit will also unveil vacuums to help battle the dist. Sims will have a new aspiration related to keeping their home clean.

“Country Kitchen Kit” brings in vintage and charming kitchen appliances and accessories. Sims can buy new items in Buy/Build mode to better match their home’s style.

“Throwback Fit Kit” is the third kit to be revealed. It showcases retro-inspired workout gear with bright colors, bold patterns, and more. These new Create-a-Sim fashion pieces will be perfect for any fitness-loving Sim.

Kits are part of many paid DLC for The Sims 4. Expansion Packs are large content packs with neighbors, animations, content, and more. Game Packs have smaller neighborhoods, new characters, animations, and content. Meanwhile, Stuff Packs have smaller bits of content. The community has lent their votes to bring two special packs to life: Laundry Day and Nifty Knitting.

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Kits are available now at a much lower cost compared to the other DLC. Through Origin, the price is listed as $4.99 (plus tax), which is half the price of a Stuff Pack.

The new The Sims 4 Kits are available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.