Mortal Kombat 11 Seemingly Confirms Ash From Army Of Darkness As Upcoming DLC Fighter

Mortal Kombat 11 Seemingly Confirms Ash From Army Of Darkness As Upcoming DLC Fighter
Credit: Mortal Kombat via YouTube

In a possibly careless move, it seems that the developers of Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm, inadvertantly confirmed their next DLC character. Sending out an email to massive video game journalism outlet IGN, the team included the trademarks for their DLC characters at the bottom, including Joker, Terminator, Spawn, and Ash. It’s worth saying that IGN is far from the only outlet to have gotten this email, including hundreds of players.

“‘ASH’ character from ‘ARMY OF DARKNESS’ is licensed from Metro-Goldwyn-=Mayer Studios INC. ARMY OF DARKNESS TM,” reads the disclaimer at the bottom of the email. Given that we recently saw Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition quietly removed from Steam for supposedly running out of the rights to include Freddy Kruger, it seems that NetherRealm weren’t taking more chances.

Of course, this is far from the first time Ash has been “confirmed” for Mortal Kombat. Back last year, there was a leak of Mortal Kombat 11 DLCs in April, found by dataminers that had discovered the information in the game’s files. Ash was one of the multiple characters leaked as part of that leak, along with names like Takeda and Michael Meyers.

These original leaks were seemingly debunked when Bruce Campbell, actor for Ash in the movies, denied the inclusion of Ash. However, NetherRealm seems to have remained silent on the situation as a whole.

We also still have no official word on a Kombat Pack 2, though many expect to be hearing something soon. Many game announcements tend to come around the middle of the year due to the massive number of events and conferences held in the gaming world, but with so many delays and cancelations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems feasible that the second Kombat Pack could have been delayed a bit.

Assuming he’s confirmed, Ash will be joining a number of great DLC characters. Mortal Kombat players have enjoyed having DC’s Joker included in the game, as well as a few Mortal Kombat legends like Shang Tsung, Sindel, and Nightwolf. The Terminator and Spawn, of whom was the most recent addition, have also been widely popular since their addition to the title.

Given that this is far from the first time it’s been “leaked” and that the leak is coming from an official email sent out from NetherRealm, it seems pretty solidly confirmed that Ash will be a DLC character now. However, there’s still no sort of confirmation, and certainly no release date. As of now, there’s no absolutely concrete confirmation of Ash, much less when fans should expect to see him.