Into a Dream Is An Emotional Adventure Headed to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Into a Dream Is An Emotional Adventure Headed to PS4 and Nintendo Switch
Credit: Steam XO

Publisher Top Hat Studios and developer Filipe F. Thomaz have announced a new emotional narrative adventure. Into a Dream is a beautiful award-winning title that is coming to console audiences after a successful life on PC. This unique title invites players into an emotional journey through the darkest moment of struggle.

The title is planned to release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch as of March 4th, 2021. Players will be able to acquire this title for only $13.99, which is a steal for this unique and thrilling experience. Enter into the unknown as you dive into a world where only dreams exist.

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You are the last hope for this man who has been diagnosed with depression. Enter into the dreams of Luke Willams and help him make it through a heartbreaking story of his life. This is all in an effort to stop Luke from fading away as depression sinks in deeper and stronger with every passing moment.

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Players enter into a unique and mysterious place devoid of all memories. As you find a recording, you listen to it and realize that you are linked with the dreams of Luke Williams. Memories and symbolism blend in this world, and you need to disclose the events and actions that lead Luke into his current state.

This title handles a complex emotion that is hard to understand. Through literal visualizations, players have a chance of seeing deeper into the narrative and making it past the core that Luke is trying to hide.

His life is in your hands, and it is up to you to help him make the first steps towards recovery. He needs to see his life matters, and players are the only ones who can be a driving force in his life.

Explore Lukes world, meet his family and friends, and find ways to trick him into letting you deeper into this psychological journey. This tale will be difficult, heartbreaking, and intense for those that prepared for a journey of this magnitude.

Enjoy a beautiful soundtrack, complete complex puzzles, and listen to the heartfelt voice-over of the characters as you explore his story. This is a complex world with real characters and relationships interacting in a million complicated ways.

This game deals with strong topics and may be best left to teen and adult audiences. Younger players may miss the point of this narrative experience.

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Into a Dream is available on Steam and will be launching on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on March 4th.