What Comes After Is Headed To Nintendo Switch Next Month

What Comes After Is Headed To Nintendo Switch Next Month
Credit: Steam XO

What Comes After is a unique side-scrolling adventure from Flynns Arcade and Rolling Glory Jam. The title is planning to release on April 1, and the trailer comes with a wide variety of new information. This is a story about loving yourself as players follow a girl on her journey to the afterlife and back.

This title comes from the same loving creator of Coffee Talk, and it introduces a unique story for players. This is a love letter to those who believe they are a burden, and it comes with a really unique journey that is sure to energize and revitalize fans.

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Enter into a side-scrolling adventure that talks about love, journeys, and the importance of self. Help Vivi make her way back from a wonderful journey on a train to the afterlife. This is a slow and meditative adventure, and players are encouraged to enjoy their time in this fantastical world.

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In this story, Vivi finds herself on a train that takes people to the next life. This is a journey following those who have died, and the many souls have stories to tell.

The train is not just transporting people, but animals, plants, and everything else have a home on this unique journey. Follow the train and learn about love, regrets, life, and death as you talk to the spirits and learn the truths of their lives.

This deeply emotional journey is presented in a unique and light-hearted way as players experience a sprinkle of comedy and philosophy among the storytelling elements. This is a short heartwarming story that will stick with fans as they go on a journey of love.

The game is colorful and unique as players see evolving hues and shades. This is a journey into the land of the dead, and you a guest among the very calm passengers.

Gameplay is easy to learn and simple, allowing players to focus on the narrative and self-exploration. Enter a personal journey that teaches players how to love themselves, and open your heart to a world of caring and loving individuals.

Warning, this title does contain visuals and mentions of suicide and self-harm. While the journey is pleasant for most audiences, the title does contain a darker undertone.

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What Comes After is available on Steam and will be launching for console audiences soon. Anyone feeling lonely or upset during the pandemic might want to see solace in this unique and warming adventure.