The Action RPG Haven Is Available Now; Takes Players On A Journey About Love And Freedom

The Action RPG Haven Is Available Now; Takes Players On A Journey About Love And Freedom
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Haven is an action RPG about two lovers that travel to a lost planet after having lost everything they knew and treasured. They’re in a foreign place, but through an unbreakable connection, they’ll battle the odds and risk even more to continue on with a new life.

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This RPG is now available on all platforms and thus far, it seems to be receiving mostly positive reviews. Gamers have appreciated the themes of love and togetherness, which the world could surely use right now. Even still as we draw closer to 2021, COVID-19 is affecting so many.

Gaming has been a natural escape from the pain that this pandemic is causing. If you’re looking to escape reality and enjoy a beautiful relationship between the couple Yu and Kay, then Haven might be the perfect title to play during these unprecedented times.

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The game further highlights the couple’s connection by synchronized combat. Players to get to play as both characters, learning how to balance each other’s attacks for a beautiful symphony of chaos whenever they’re up against tough odds.

Despite having reached a foreign place that is seemingly abandoned, there are still powers at play that want to tear Yu and Kay apart. Fortunately, they’re love is strong and it will stand whatever is thrown its way if you can master the connected combat.

When you’re not battling it out with enemies, you’ll get to spend time doing what couples do in everyday life. That includes cooking and cleaning. You’ll also have to do some scavenging for resources because the planet you now find yourself on is untapped.

Throughout your adventures as this loveable couple, you’ll be forced into making tough decisions. That’s when emotions run high as you try to figure out the path for survival.

Haven has a lot of great elements as you can see in the trailer up above. From the themes of love and companionship to the unique combat, it has a lot of things going for it that you should check out if you’re a fun of adventure games with serious subject matter.

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Who knows? Maybe you’ll forge an unforgettable bond that lets you appreciate those you care most about in your own life. At the very least, you’ll appreciate the developer’s storytelling, graphic designs, and fun combat that you can pick up and feel comfortable with immediately. It’s also just a great game to escape to when you’re feeling in a loving mood.