XII Braves’ Mobile RPG Shining Beyond Launches On November 26

XII Braves’ Mobile RPG Shining Beyond Launches On November 26
Credit: Shining Beyond Official Website

XII Braves, who previously released Valiant Force, will soon launch its mobile RPGShining Beyond on both iOS and Android. The game currently has a pre-registration campaign with bonus awards ahead of the game’s launch.

Shining Beyond is an online multiplayer, idle-action hybrid RPG. Players can enjoy both immersive gameplay but also offline hero progression, depending on how they want to play. Characters are also fully customizable for players can create their dream team of heroes.

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The game takes place in a world enslaved by darkness. A small group bands together to fight against the New Empire, giving hope to others. Shining Beyond stars Jake Galahad, a half-human and half-elf who grew up bullied by his peers. With the help of his friends and teammates, he must fight off waves of dark forces pouring through an Abyssal gate before they take over the realm.

The invasion continues and is slowly taking over. It’s up to Jake to stop the evil forces by closing the gate to save their home. The only hope against the darkness is The Resistance.

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Shining Beyond contains a large roster of over 50 heroes, and players will unlock them in a “gatcha” style. Players can choose from four heroes to build their team. Each hero can be further customized to complement each other on the battlefield.

As for the gameplay, players can enjoy the title as an action RPG. If players want to grind without the work, they can assign the AI to help. The gameplay style is completely up to players.

Multiplayer is part of the game for those who don’t like to fight solo. Players can link up with up to two other friends and fight in a combined party size of 12. It may be beneficial to take down the most powerful foes as a giant team.

Pre-registration rewards are available by signing up on the official website. Everyone who signs up will receive a special gift with 1,000 Gems, one million Gold, and ten five-star XP Potions. Players have unlocked almost all of the rewards, including additional accessories, gold, Olivia Sol’Eldur and her school uniform costume, plus premium summon tickets.

The game is almost at 500,000 pre-registrations. All of the gifts will be released when the game launches.

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Shining Beyond launches on iOS and Android on November 26.