World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ Scourge Invasion Event Has Officially Begun!

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ Scourge Invasion Event Has Officially Begun!
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Just a notice – spoilers for the World of Warcraft: ShadowlandsScourge Invasion event are below! There’s a few story implications and events, so if you want to experience them before anyone spoils them, turn away!

It’s been a long road, but the beginning of the start of Shadowlandshas officially arrived. Today, Blizzard began the Scourge Invasion event in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, leaning into the expansion drop two weeks from now.

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If you played back in the days of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, you may remember the prepatch event back then being based around a Scourge invasion. This event pays direct homage to its predecessor, bringing similar mechanics and pitting players against bosses from the Wrath expansion’s content.

The main thing that most players are interested in is the catch-up gear for characters that didn’t get geared to a fine level by the end of Battle for Azeroth. In this event, players are able to get gear that should power up their characters enough to take on the challenges in the Shadowlands.

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Primarily, this will be done through the quartermaster of the Argent Crusade, who offers us 100-item-level gear in exchange for a handful of the event’s currency. There’s something for almost every slot, so getting your character geared up is a breeze.

Of course, there’s more than just some pieces of armor to buy from a quartermaster. There are also some rare mobs spawning rather frequently in Icecrown that have a chance to drop gear scaled to 115, making it considerably more powerful.

Just be warned the drop chances of these items are rather low, so it may take a while to get such items. One of the most highly-desired items is a 34-slot bag, but only one specific mob will be dropping it, so you’ll need a lot of luck!

Players are also excited to slay Nathanos Blightcaller back at his original home in Marris Stead. Doing so will grant you an item as a reward for a world quest, as well as unlock a rather intense cutscene showing the Blightcaller’s fate at the hands of Tyrande Whisperwind.

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Both factions have a questline that will lead you to all of these events, which should begin when you sign onto your character if you’re eligible to unlock it. This will lead you to your capital – Stormwind or Orgrimmar – and begin your short questline to unlock Icecrown dailies.

There’s plenty more to come as we lead up into the expansion, so keep your eyes open! It won’t be long until we’re charging into the Shadowlands properly on November 23rd!