Spaceslingers Is Planning To Launch On Steam November 17th

Spaceslingers Is Planning To Launch On Steam November 17th
Credit: Steam Xo

Prepare for a space-faring adventure that takes players into a unique gravity-based experience. This game has been created by developer RefresherTowel which allows players a chance to explore Spaceslingers. The developers track their ongoing development cycle through Twitter so fans can keep tabs on the unique game experience. The planned release date is later this month.

Become a universe traveling delivery driver as you go head-on with some mind-bending puzzles. Conquer the leaderboards, deliver the food, and solve some unique and intense puzzles across a wide galaxy of opportunity.

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In Spaceslingers players must navigate gravity-based puzzles. The only thing stopping you from making it to the end of the level are powerful celestial objects. Use their unique abilities to help you navigate on a journey across the stars.

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Spaceslingers is a mind-bending experience where players must understand physicals, gravity, and slingshots. Use your momentum and the many celestial objects to manipulate your path and make it to the end destination.

There are tons of different deliveries that need to be made. With each delivery comes a unique puzzle with a dozen possible solutions. Find your path, explore your route, and try to understand the strange logic presented in this unique title.

Avoid the celestial hazards as you try to overcome the varying trials and challenges. Impact with any of the lethal objects would mean that they instantly die. Only by dodging and navigating each level can players complete their delivery.

Players must master spacetime and warp. Fly close to an exotic object, lower your delivery time, and complete each mission as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Through perfect practice, players can master every route and climb a global leaderboard of players. Strive to be the best at interstellar travel as you launch your ship from point A to point be in a fantastic practice.

Players are a member of Spamazon, an intergalactic delivery company that needs you to deliver packages to planets all over the galaxy. Take on a variety of gravity-based puzzles as you face destruction and insanity at every corner. This is a unique experience for any puzzle fanatic to try and work their way through.

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Spaceslingers is available on Steam as of November 17th. The developers keep a constant and active feed of their progress for anyone to become part of. Watch the ever-evolving challenge of slinging yourself across all of time and space as an interstellar delivery driver