The Silent Hill Demo P.T. Will Not Be Supported On The PS5, Despite Offering Backwards Compatibility

The Silent Hill Demo P.T. Will Not Be Supported On The PS5, Despite Offering Backwards Compatibility
Credit: Lance McDonald via YouTube

Excitement is really starting to ramp up for the introduction of Sony’s PlayStation 5. From its sleek aesthetics to powerful specs, the modern console is trending in the right direction before its heavily anticipated launch.

If you plan on purchasing this next-gen console for the chance to play a lot of its exclusive games, you have a lot of great offerings. Unfortunately, one of these won’t be P.T., the galvanizing Silent Hill demo released by Hideo Kojima back in 2014.

Although the demo never materialized into a full fledged Silent Hill reboot, it did give many fans of the series a look at its potential. It was available through the PlayStation Store as a demo for the longest time. If you had a PS4, you could download it and enjoy its horrific first-person immersion and looping interior design.

Unfortunately, it looks like the PS4 demo won’t be downloadable on the PS5. This announcement comes from Konami directly in an email to GamesRadar. The PS5 does have a backwards compatibility feature, but it won’t support P.T. (Silent Hills).

That’s unfortunate because this is one of the most promising installments in the series. Being able to check out the demo using the PS5’s next-gen specs sounds like an incredible prospect. Alas, those that want to keep the memory of this demo alive will just have to stick with their current PS4.

Even in 2020, P.T. is still a major talking point in gaming let alone horror gaming. There’s a reason for this. The demo has so much potential, from its atmospheric design to the fact that Norman Reedus was the main protagonist.

There have been rumors all throughout 2020 about the game being greenlighted, but nothing has materialized. Konami has continued to deny rumors of its development, much to the chagrin of fans looking for a faithful remake.

The Silent Hill franchise is beloved by many. It was a staple horror experience back around the same time when the Resident Evil franchise started revving up. The atmospheric fog, compelling characters, and emotionally-charged stories brought fans back time and time again.

P.T. may be dead in the water — at least for now — but at least the demo still exists and has even been developed in the creation platform, Dreams. The PS5 would be the perfect console to continue the movement that feverishly supports this demo, but you can’t always get what you want. Maybe one day Hideo Kojima will have the chance to finish this survival-horror masterpiece.