Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey Releases On The PS4 Later This Week

Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey Releases On The PS4 Later This Week
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

If you enjoy puzzle games with platforming elements, there are always new offerings to look forward to. Some feature unique elements and vibrant visuals, which are two characteristics that perfectly highlight Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey.

This 2.5D puzzle/platformer has a lot of great aspects going for it. Developed by Proud Dinosaurs, it has been out since February 2019. Thus far, it has been well-received thanks to its vibrant colors, addicting mechanics, and fleshed out story.

Now, it’s coming to the PS4 later this week. A new wave of console gamers will get to see what they’ve missed and go on an incredible adventure about a mother who’s in search of children. As you might imagine, losing your children would be a crippling life event to face. You’ll have to put the pieces back together as Mother Bilby — going to extraordinary lengths to find her children safe and sound.

Throughout her journey, you’ll have a variety of traversal mechanics to use and master — including jumping, dodging, and climbing. There are challenging, yet rewarding puzzles you’ll get to solve to get to the next areas.

In addition to solving puzzles and watching for traps, players must deal with enemies and refine their character’s skills. The supernatural abilities give Mother Bilby plenty to use to her advantage against the dangerous environments she comes across.

There aren’t many platformers that have as many vibrant details as Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey. The developer has crafted a fantastical world that you can’t help but appreciate. The score also is equally impressive and gives this game a well-rounded feel.

Then you have the themes of love and loss broached throughout the story. They give this game added weight and leave you feeling some type of way by the end. Any platformer that is visually appealing, fun to play, and features a gripping story typically does well.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing it on PC, then this PS4 offering is your chance to see what many have raved about since launch. You’ll be introduced to a female protagonist that is easy to root for. You feel for her pain and want to help out at all costs to finally reunite with those she cares most about.

There are a lot of games to pick from on the PS4 currently, but Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey stands out in the most important ways. You’ll be left satisfied with its heartwarming tale.