Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey Enter Into The World Of A New Side Scrolling Adventure For PS4 and Xbox One

Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey Enter Into The World Of A New Side Scrolling Adventure For PS4 and Xbox One
Credit: Steam XO

Coming from Eastasiasoft is a new heartfelt platformer. Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey is a unique adventure throughout the world. Play as a simple small desert-dwelling marsupial known simply as Mother Bilby. This game tells her journey as she travels and overcomes obstacles in search of her children.

This title has been released on steam previously, but now the title is looking to console for its next adventure. Travel through deadly environments as you manipulate your surroundings and try to survive. This is an adventure about a mother’s love against impossible odds.

Players must help Mother Bilby as she tries to find her children in a magical indie adventure. This is an underground adventure that plays as a 2.5D Puzzle adventure on an unforgettable adventure. This is a challenging endeavor for any platforming fans.

This is a deeply emotional journey in a beautiful and dangerous world. Avoid deadly traps, gnaw your way through problems, and try to survive this dangerous adventure.

Use a variety of different natural and supernatural abilities you must go on this emotional journey. Travel through hours of adventure with tons of thought-provoking and unforgiving puzzle environments.

Experience the immersive adventure as you try to gain magical abilities allowing you to pass through walls and barriers. Dig, gnaw, and use your powers as you try and overcome a wide arrangement of different situations.

The world is beautiful, and this game only gets more pretty as you travel through several important adventures. Mixed in the background is an enchanting soundtrack there is a natural beauty to the world around it.

Learn about the lore of the magical world of Macrotis. This is a supernatural adventure that will introduce players to a different environment of wide magical powers.

This game comes with some bonus features. There are achievements in the Steam version which would suggest that Xbox and PS4 will have similar options.  The game comes with tons of different language options including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, and Chinese.

Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey is available on Steam as of Feb 8th, 2019 from Proud Dinosaurs and Orsam Information Technologies. This title has a Very Positive status at the moment and is being sold for $9.99. This price is supposed to follow the game when it ports to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One audiences. Enter into the strange world of this creature, and save her adorable children from their unforgiving fate.