The Moonwalls Announces Retro Sci-fi Thriller Commander ’85 For PC And Consoles

The Moonwalls Announces Retro Sci-fi Thriller Commander ’85 For PC And Consoles
Credit: Commander 85 via Steam

Publisher Ultimate Games S.A. and developer The Moonwalls have announced a nostalgic Sci-fi thriller and hacker simulator set in the 80s called Commander ’85. The title is currently on Kickstarter but has already published a Steam store page and trailer.

The crowdfunding campaign will last until May 9. The funds will help support expand the game with content such as a playable demo, special add-ons, VR mode, additional comic-style cutscenes, and more.

Commander ’85 is a sci-fi thriller about a seemingly ordinary birthday present that changes the lives of the main characters forever, disturbing the sleepy peace of the Chicago suburbs. However, when the military experiments get out of control and the world faces the threat of nuclear war, you won’t be alone. Together with a group of friends and a crazy scientist, you’ll have to try and end the Cold War, discover the secret of the Commander computers, and find out the mysterious truth behind the Roswell incident…” states the story description.

Commander ’85 combines adventure, Sci-fi thriller, survival, hacker simulator, and the 1980s into a single game. There are random events, additional games, and programs, plus three different endings depending on the choices players make. The story and environment itself has several pop-culture references.

Players will have to decide on the fate of the world with how they interact with the Commander 85’s AI. Players can build trust with the AI through various events and even watch it argue with the protagonist’s parents. Players can also install additional games and programs, run them, and delete them from the computer.

There are some realistic elements, as well. Players grow up living in the house of Polish immigrants, where the protagonist’s parents not only learn about living in America but also raise their child. Players have to complete chores, or else they’ll be grounded from playing. Fortunately, there is an optional radio to listen to with various programs, music, and commercials to remind players of the ’80s.

While Commander ’85 isn’t out yet, according to the developer, it has already won a few awards in the indie industry during GameDaily Connect USA 2019, Playtopia 2019, and Game Connection America 2020.

The team plans to premiere Commander ’85 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in Fall 2020.