DOOM Eternal Digital Soundtrack Now Available For Collectors Edition Owners With Rumors Of Possible Remix By Composer

DOOM Eternal Digital Soundtrack Now Available For Collectors Edition Owners With Rumors Of Possible Remix By Composer
Credit: DOOM Eternal via Steam

Bethesda and id Software’s DOOM Eternal launched on March 20, letting players once again rip and tear their way to save humanity. The company released multiple versions of the game with various bonuses.

The Collectors Edition was not packaged with a physical soundtrack at launch, to the disappointment of many fans. Now Bethesda has made the digital soundtrack available for Collectors Edition owners. The soundtrack will soon be available for DOOM fans on other digital music distributors.

Collectors Edition owners can log in to their accounts to access the digital soundtrack. Everyone else will have to wait until the soundtracks are available on iTunes, Spotify, and other music retailers.

DOOM Eternal was mixed by composer Mick Gordon, who previously mixed the music for the 2016 DOOM game.

When the soundtrack was released, some fans noticed som quality issues of the music. One DOOM fan, @thatACDCguy on Twitter, went into detail about the audio differences and stated, “Mick Gordon is a far more talented audio engineer than me, it’s not even close & that’s what makes this especially frustrating. I expect much better from him. Again, the music itself is phenomenal, but this mix on the official soundtrack is frankly terrible.”

Gordon replied “I didn’t mix those and wouldn’t have done that. You’ll be able to spot the small handful of tracks I mixed (Meathook, Command and Control, etc…)”

Fans began reaching out to Gordon to support his work. A user on Reddit posted an email screenshot with claims that Gordon has decided to work on a DOOM Eternal mix “sometime” that hasn’t been edited by Bethesda. There’s no confirmation of these plans or when his remix would be released.

DOOM Eternal was recently released with a few new events to keep players engaged. The series two “Coffee and Camo” event is currently ongoing. In the new season, players can earn various cosmetic items, such as the Hipster Archvile Master Collection. The outfit consists of a demon wearing skinny jeans and sunglasses while drinking coffee and taking selfies.

Players can unlock the new content in the event with XP, which is earned by playing the game and competing in Battlemode.

DOOM Eternal is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. The Nintendo Switch release is scheduled for sometime this year.