Virtual Basement Announces Upcoming 3D Wrestling Game Featuring Wrestlers From Multiple Promos

Virtual Basement Announces Upcoming 3D Wrestling Game Featuring Wrestlers From Multiple Promos
Credit: Virtual Basement Official Website

Developer Virtual Basement has worked on a variety of games, including Citadel Forged in Fire. They also helped develop the action-survival title ARK: Survival Evolved.

Virtual Basement recently announced a new 3D wrestling video game. The game is so new that it doesn’t have a title yet. The developer has been hard at work signing wrestling stars to the roster, including Jeff Cobb, who recently joined AEW. Details are currently scarce, but the Twitter account has been active announcing new stars who have signed a contract to allow themselves to appear in the game.

Reviewing Virtual Basement’s retweets confirms that stars from multiple wrestling promos will appear in the game. Players can expect to see wrestlers from EVOLVE, Impact Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, Stardom, and more.

Some leaked screenshots have shown 3D renders of RoH’s Shaheem Ali and O’Shay Edwards, but the roster keeps growing. The game will have a large roster to choose from, with female or male wrestlers.

Virtual Basement has hinted that the release is planned for next-gen consoles, so wrestling fans may not see the game until next year at the earliest. There’s no official statement on what consoles the game will be released for. The developer confirmed they’re using Unreal Engine 4 to help bring the game to life.

Wrestling video games have been in the news recently, mostly due to the highly-criticized launch of 2K Games’ WWE 2K20. The developer, Visual Concepts, has struggled to update all of the issues in the game. The last Originals storyline, “Empire of Tomorrow,” dropped in March. Recently, WWE confirmed there would be no new WWE 2K game in 2020. Even Spike Chunsoft’s Fire Pro Wrestling World is wrapping up new content releases.

The actual wrestling entertainment sport has also seen a major change. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing how many people can gather in one area and other events being canceled on the spot, wrestling fans have fewer options. WWE also made big news by releasing several wrestlers with little notice.

Virtual Basement’s new project will be a breath of fresh air for wrestling fans wanting new content and also want to support up-and-coming stars.

Additional information is rolling out daily for the game. Players can join Virtual Basement’s official Discord server or follow the developer on Twitter for the most recent news.