Valve Has Made Changes To Six Maps Following Pro Player Feedback In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve Has Made Changes To Six Maps Following Pro Player Feedback In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Credit: Valve via YouTube

Valve has had their plate full on the development side of things. The recent (and very successful) release of Half-Life: Alyx had them returning to a franchise that they’ve been badgered to revisit for more than a decade, and they’re still pushing forward with other titles.

CS: GO got a considerable patch recently that has brought changes to weaponry and maps. We’ll be discussing the six maps that have been changed, with the full patch notes linked below if you’d like to read through them as well. That said, consider this a tl;dr of the changes Valve has made to six different maps.

First is Anubis, which has had only a few changes. These changes are as follows:

  • Anubis has been moved from the Scrimmage mode to Competitive
  • Water reflection issues have been addressed
  • All spots involved in unintended boosting and clipping have been fixed
  • General performance improvements

Inferno is up next, tied for Mirage with the least changes at only two – though one is a bit perplexing, to say the least.

  • HDR settings have been tweaked
  • The wall by the door to A site’s balcony is now (and I quote this directly from the patch notes) “bingelibangable.” It’s assumed the author meant “wallbangable,” and while Valve has memed this on their Twitter, they haven’t answered what, precisely, makes something bingelibangable or what a bingelibang is.

Office has had the following changes based on pro player feedback:

  • The kitchen has been tidied up, with beverage machines fully restocked
  • Snow has accumulated by the dumpster in the back courtyard
  • No smoking is allowed in the office

Overpass has some small changes:

  • New collision model on the map’s dumpsters
  • World lighting has been revised
  • Water by site B improved
  • Backdrop of bombsite A reworked

Chlorine has the most changes by far, with nine overall:

  • Environment light is now brighter
  • Default counter-terrorist now FBI
  • Playwood added to bombsite B to improve visibility
  • Water puddles have been removed to avoid players being seen in smoke
  • Areaportal fixed on squeaky door
  • Grenade clip added on yellow tarp
  • Fixed clipping issue near river
  • Fixed a few bombstuck spots
  • Included missing material for glowing eyes

Finally, Mirage is here with only two changes, which are as follows:

  • Some clipping issues have now been addressed
  • Blocked visibility under the truck on site B

And those are all the changes coming to the maps! Now that things are more bingelibangable, hopefully players will have a better time on these six maps.