Blizzard Applies Third Batch Of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Hotfixes

Blizzard Applies Third Batch Of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Hotfixes
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Blizzard has applied a new set of hotfixes to the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands! The recent prepatch brought a huge number of changes, and it’s required a good amount of tuning on the part of the developers.

It certainly hasn’t been the smoothest launch. The launch broke a good number of things that were already in place and added new stuff to be broken as well, all of which has been getting gradually patched into working order.

This latest group of fixes matches those that came earlier, with this being the third batch of fixes. Alterations have come to classes, content, and a few new fixes to content like quests and item rewards.

For example, there have been two fixes to the items and rewards of the game. The Humming Black Dragonscale trinket has been altered to make it so that it can now be used to slow fall speed while mounted. Alliance players can also now loot 7th Legion Service Medals.

Moving towards the other content, Exile’s Reach has seen a pair of fixes. The new tutorial leveling zone provides a good number of improvements over the original leveling mechanics, but has been notoriously broken.

Players will no longer be dueling aboard the Horde and Alliance ships where players start their journey. Health regeneration recovers more slowly after duels to keep players focused on the content at hand instead of PvP.

They also have fixed an issue that was stopping Horde players from leaving the island. Now, Warlord Grimaxe will finish the quest properly after completing the Darkmaul Citadel dungeon.

The Barber Shop has had a few fixes, which is one of the most highly sought after locations after the new cosmetic additions. Worgen can now save changes to their Human forms, Night Elf skin and eye color should display correctly, and previewing textures should now work as intended.

Mages have had fixes to their portals, which can now be used by all party members regardless of level. Two mage quests – The Deadwind Site and More Than Just a Food Vendor – have been fixed as well.

Grievous and Bursting affixes have also now been fixed to deal with appropriate damage on Mythic Keystone difficulty dungeons. Atal’Dazar has also had a fix to the final boss’s Echoes of Shadra ability to make the damage work properly.

And those are the fixes given in today’s batch of adjustments! Tomorrow will likely bring more as the prepatch comes closer and closer to not having as many glitches, but until then, players are still excited to have so much new content on the table.