Silent Hills Is Possibly Resuming Development According To Recent Rumors

Silent Hills Is Possibly Resuming Development According To Recent Rumors
Credit: EpicLBPTime via YouTube

For the longest time, one of the better series in the survival-horror space has been Silent Hill. It went on to produce so many great installments, with the first two being some of the most beloved. There were times when the series went head to head with genre-innovator Resident Evil.

Although it would eventually lose it’s identify that resulted in poor sales commercially, the Silent Hill franchise is still loved by many today. That was particularly evident with the demo experience Silent Hills, otherwise known as P.T. Kojima Productions worked on the game briefly, which showed a lot of potential.

Its first-person visuals really enhanced the immersion and creep-factor, while its looping design always kept players guessing and on their toes. Unfortunately, the game never saw the light of day. Fans have since gone on to re-create the experience to the best of their abilities, seeing mixed results.

Now, it seems like Silent Hills could very much be in the works again. That’s according to one source from the outlet Rely on Horror. According to their sources, Silent Hills is being revived and Kojima Productions will head the project once again. The developer nor Hideo Kojima have confirmed these rumors directly, but there have been signs these past few months. These latest rumors are certainly getting the Silent Hill fan base excited about a potential new game in this storied franchise.

In a lot of ways, these rumors make sense. It has been quite a while since an official Silent Hill game has been made. Yes, the previous installments really weren’t received well and lacked identify. Silent Hills had everything going for it though, and it was a shame that it ceased production.

As mentioned earlier, the first-person perspective just works for the Silent Hill genre as a whole. It’s like what Resident Evil did with Biohazard, which according to many survival-horror fans, was one of the better installments in the series. Kojima Productions can pick up right where they left off, and make the necessary improvements based on feedback the community has provided on the various demos that have been re-created.

If you enjoy the Silent Hills franchise as a whole, this news is probably music to your hears. Now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions decide to do from here on out. Either way, it’s exciting to think about the Silent Hill series being brought back after all of this time.