Borderlands 3 Is Now Available On The Steam Library For PC Players

Borderlands 3 Is Now Available On The Steam Library For PC Players
Credit: Gearbox via YouTube

Gearbox’s Borderlands franchise has been one of the most influential over the last decade. Borderlands 1 came onto the scene as an FPS-RPG, bringing a huge amount of randomly-generated loot that could create some incredibly ineffective items – shotguns with sniper scopes were always laughable – and fantastically powerful options.

Comparatively, though, Borderlands 2 expanded immensely on the franchise, with writer Anthony Burch bringing a huge amount of character and emotional appeal to the story of the game. Obviously, the loot expanded considerably with a promised 870 Gajillion guns, which is technically a real number meaning an unspecified high number.

Now we have Borderlands 3, returning about eight years after the second title came out with four more characters and “bazillions” of guns as you jump onto a mayhem-fueled thrill ride.

If you’re a bit confused by the “release” of this game, you’re correct, it already came out back in September of 2019. However, it was originally kept off of Steam in favor of a few other outlets. Now that it’s there for the masses of Steam users, it’s getting another resurgence.

The third game in the Borderlands franchise has generally been well-received by audiences, providing four characters that give similar and familiar playstyles to the previous games while still feeling unique. While it’s only been on Steam for a matter of hours, it already has nearly 800 positive reviews as of writing this.

Across the board from professional reviewers, Borderlands 3 received fantastic reviews, getting favorable reviews from boards like IGN. On Metacritic, the User Score floats in the average, sitting at 5.2 as of writing this.

All in all, it’s fantastic to see it finally coming to Steam and opening up for players that weren’t able to grab it otherwise. It’s a great time to grab it as well since the developers have it up for half price to celebrate the new release.

It’s worth saying that some on the Steam reviews are less than thrilled with the port. Some users are reporting frequent crashing issues and heavy framerate drops, though the user notes that their machine may not be equipped to handle the title. Others are echoing the issue, stating that crashes and glitches seem to be a somewhat common issue, so keep that in mind as you dive in.

Either way, the title is finally available. You might want to read through the specs included in the Steam description to see if you can run it properly, but if you can, we’ll see you in the hunt for the Vault!