E3 Will Showcase The Highly Anticipated Zombie Thriller Dying Light 2; Is The Most Ambitious Game From Techland Yet

E3 Will Showcase The Highly Anticipated Zombie Thriller Dying Light 2; Is The Most Ambitious Game From Techland Yet
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

Zombie games are all the rage now. Each is a bit different, but they pretty much have the same premise. That is survive and kill your way to a cure. World War Z and Days Gone have just hit the market, and for the most part, they’re getting a lot of praise.

However, if there’s one zombie title that has always provided novel gameplay, it’s Dying Light. It features zombie-killing, survival, and most importantly, parkour. That’s right. You get to navigate a broken down city, using the terrain and structures to your advantage. It’s one of the best parkour experiences you’ll ever find in a game today.

The story wasn’t half bad either. Sure, the main villain was sort of cliche and unimaginative. The final battle with him was also pretty lackluster. Still, the navigation and fighting mechanics really shined. Things get particularly interesting at night. You have to navigate around super-zombies, featuring extra strength and speed.

All in all, Dying Light is a classic zombie thriller. Many have wondered when a sequel would be announced. We know Techland — the developer — is currently working on the project and it appears they’ll announce something at this year’s E3.

They put out a statement via Twitter, ”We can’t wait to show you the latest look at our most ambitious project to date.” June is not too far off, so for fans waiting in anticipation of some concrete details, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

From what we do know of the game, it will feature a branching storyline. Decisions you make in the game will have a huge impact on future events and even areas of the city that you can visit. It’s also nice to see Techland remark on how hard they’re working on this title.

It should expand on everything Dying Light did so well. The weapon variety and the leveling design are not too bad. You have incentive to fight zombies and navigate around the city to earn rewards. What Techland will need to do in this sequel is give us a riveting storyline. There should be characters that we truly empathize with and get attached to. Hopefully, they include a captivating big-bad as well.

One thing is for certain: The parkour navigation is going to be stellar. It’s hard to imagine how much more they can improve the dynamics of moving over structures and jumping over buildings. It all seems so promising.