Madden NFL 20 Confirmed For The PC This Coming August 2019; Career Mode Allows A More Personal Journey

Madden NFL 20 Confirmed For The PC This Coming August 2019; Career Mode Allows A More Personal Journey
Credit: EA Sports via YouTube

The Madden NFL 20 will be coming to the PC this coming August, along with a nice surprise for fans.

The Madden NFL 20 will come with a more comprehensive Career Mode called Face of the Franchise: QB1. The engagement level is unlike no other as players can create their own quarterbacks. They will then help steer his career from a newbie in college to the College Football National Championship.

But the mode doesn’t end really until the created player becomes a successful starting quarterback for a team in the pros. You will have to go through the NFL combine and impress the scouts. The next part is to fidget through the NFL draft to see which team you end up in.

The heart of the Career Mode for the Madden NFL 20 is the Scenario Engine. It will create unique situations, activities, events, and challenges for the player.

Another new campaign in the Madden NFL 20 is called the Superstar X-Factor.

According to the game’s executive producer, Seann Grady, this mode is an accurate depiction of the NFL superstars. In real life, they are a cut above their peers and it’s why they are superstars in the first place.

Grady said they wanted to bring that kind of difference to the game. He said superstars should also play like superstars and that’s what fans can expect in Madden NFL 20.

One thing that interests fans in the PC version is the possibility of mods. This will allow them to introduce crazy additions to the game via the enterprising developers.

The College playoff will only involve a few teams. These teams include Clemson, Miami, and Florida State for the ACC. The Southeastern Conference will be represented by LSU and Florida, while USC and Oregon will represent the PAC-12. Finally, you can choose among Texas TEach, Oklahoma, and Texas for the Big 12.

The career mode using real college football teams holds a bigger significance for EA Sports. It must be remembered that the company paid $40 million for using the likeness of college football players without permission.

The release date for Madden NFL 20 will be on Aug. 2, 2019. You can already pre-order the game, and it costs $60.

Meanwhile, keep posted for more news and updates regarding the game. You can also visit the website for behind-the-scenes, trailers, interviews, and other articles. These should keep you occupied for a while as you await Madden NFL 20 release date.