Early Reviews Are In For The Zombie Thriller Days Gone; Shows A Lot Of Promise But Noticeable Issues Are Present

Early Reviews Are In For The Zombie Thriller Days Gone; Shows A Lot Of Promise But Noticeable Issues Are Present
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

One of the more anticipated games of the year was Days Gone. It was pegged to be one of the better zombie games in recent memory, featuring zombie hordes. World War Z came out a week earlier, showcasing the same thing.

Still, Days Gone is a different type of survival/action-adventure game. It has been out for a day exclusively for the PS4, and we’re starting to see some early reviews come in. For the most part, everyone is saying the same thing. Days Gone has a lot of great moments.

The open-world design lets you explore in grand fashion. And, you get to navigate on a classic motorcycle. Who hasn’t wanted to hit the open road like the gangs in Sons of Anarchy? Only, you’re surrounded by zombies. The zombie hordes are a shining feature of the game. When you’re completing missions, they seem to spring up out of nowhere forcing you to rethink your tactics.

Of course, you won’t be able to mow them down with some heavy artery. No, your best chance of survival is jumping back on your back and getting out of dodge quick. As you venture from settlement to settlement, you truly get a sense of how massive this game’s world is. The very act of exploring the rich areas is worth the price of admission alone. However, Days Gone isn’t perfect.

It has several noticeable flaws that plenty of gamers and game reviewers have highlighted. At the top of the list for many is the slow pace. The game’s pace seems to lag behind what you’re traditionally used to in a zombie game.

Sure, there are some great moments in the story, but a lot of times, you feel like something is lacking. A lot of the missions have the same vibe, which can be a bit repetitious after a while. You also don’t really feel attached to the characters in this game.

The only real standpoint is Deacon, the protagonist that you get to control. He’s pretty interesting and there’s a lot of mystery wrapped up in his character development. Everyone else, though, you pretty much don’t care about. There have also been several bugs that keep popping up for gamers. For example, at certain points on your bike, the sound will completely shut off.

It’s a little unnerving and pretty clear this wasn’t what the developers at SIE Bend Studio had in mind. If you’re willing to sit through this grind and overlook its lack of story, Days Gone is still a really fun zombie game to play.