Rats Screaming For 8 Straight Minutes Featured In New Trailer For A Plague Tale: Innocence

Rats Screaming For 8 Straight Minutes Featured In New Trailer For A Plague Tale: Innocence
Credit: Focus Home Interactive via YouTube

The developers behind A Plague Tale: Innocence just decided to show off an odd scene. In their new trailer video for the game, they unbelievably showed rats screaming for eight straight minutes.

After all, these rats just want to have a good nibble.

This discordant sound mixture from the rats is more than enough to put people off games and animals. Then again, not every game share the same view about the odd trailer video.

While some were put off, many were impressed about the depth, the texture, and the gameplay of Innocence. Despite the ear-throbbing racket and the unearthly sound from the video, impressed fans can still scream for their dinner.

This unpleasant rat sound means they’re so hungry that they can swiftly devour one healthy human being in a jiffy. Just imagining how they sound can make one think of his untimely demise.

The trailer video is actually 8-minute worth of the game’s uncut, uninterrupted footage. They took scenes in the game’s new level, while proudly showing off pretty much everything.

The video started with two kids, presumably siblings, running for their lives. Only one of the two siblings was featured.

In the game, the player can be at a disadvantage because an inquisition, fully-armed is running after him. The only consolation here is that the enemies are making a head-on attack.

If you were the player, at least, you know what you’re up against. Players can expect a lot of distractions, slipping through, following shadows, and sneaking around. There will be a lot of nosy guards so players should master not getting noticed.

The rats themselves are already clear and imminent danger. However, there might be times that they can also be an advantage for the player. These guards don’t distinguish when it comes to their prey.

It could be the guard, it could be the player. The player can, therefore, use these rats to kill guards. These rats can be manipulated for the benefit of the player.

Manipulation can be done by simply shining some light on these creatures. These rats are terrified with light so the player can chase them away and lead them to his enemies.

The game environment is plain and downright harrowing and gloomy. These rats may be terrifying, but the stealth is way more than a concern.

Those who are intrigued with the trailer, A Plague Tale: Innocence is soon to be released. Only a few more weeks and players can come face to face with these filthy but easily manipulated creatures. They’ll be released this coming May 14.