Destiny 2: All New Exotics And Inventory Updates To Xur, Destiny 2’s Favorite Wanderer

Destiny 2: All New Exotics And Inventory Updates To Xur, Destiny 2’s Favorite Wanderer
Credit: Bungie via YouTube

To start off, Bungie’s tentacled wanderer is located in the EDZ this week. In the Winding Cove area of the map, you can find Xur standing on a bluff. He is hanging out above a fallen encampment, so be sure to watch out for any Fallen trying to kill you. Winding Cove also frequently hosts Cabal public events as well.

For the weapon of the week, Xur is currently carrying the Telesto void fusion rifle. This weapon packs quite a punch and is best used as a DPS weapon against a variety of targets, whether they be single, large health bosses or crowds of multiple enemies. It has two perks that make this weapon such a long-cherished addition: Unplanned Reprieve and Harbinger’s Pulse.

Unplanned Reprieve makes it to where the projectiles produced by Telesto attach to the enemy and detonate shortly after. The second perk, Harbinger’s Pulse, causes multi-kills to reload your kinetic and energy weapons. This weapon is still a great addition to any loadout for the Blind Well.

Warlocks can grab the Lunafaction Boots this week. This is a useful leg armor if you enjoy the Dawnblade subclass, but it can be used with any class. The exotic perk, Alchemical Etchings, gives you a boost to reload speed whilst in a Lunafaction-empowered rift. While this exotic isn’t as good as it used to be, it’s still worth picking up from Xur to fill out your collections.

Titans this week can pick up one of the newer exotics added in with the Season of the Worthy, Citan’s Ramparts. Citan’s Ramparts are exotic arm pieces with its main perk, Assault Barricade. Assault Barricade allows titans and their allies to shoot through the Towering Barricade. Keep in mind that with this perk, Towering Barricade doesn’t last as long and absorbs less damage. This is a great exotic to run in PVP modes like Control.

Finally, the Orpheus Rigs are for sale for Hunters this week. This leg piece is a solid PvE option, allowing you to make the most out of your Shadowshot. The main perk, Uncanny Arrows, grants you additional super energy for each tethered enemy. Nightfall, Raids, and Warmind activities are all great places to take advantage of this exotic, as well as public events.

That about wraps up the information on the Agent of the Nine for Destiny 2 this week. Xur returns with a new host of weapons and armor each Friday, so make sure to check back here when the time comes. Also, make sure to check back for all the latest Destiny 2 news and information.