Destiny 2 : Agent Of The Nine Returns With Suros Regime Weapon On June 5th-9th

Destiny 2 : Agent Of The Nine Returns With Suros Regime Weapon On June 5th-9th
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

In Destiny 2 there has been quite a bit of hype this week, with the new season incoming next Tuesday, and the Almighty crash live event this morning. Players should remember to go through their host of usual activities, however, including grabbing the weekly engram from Xur.

For those unaware, Xur (also known as the Agent of the Nine) is the only vendor of exotic weapons and armor in the game. Each week, his inventory and location rotate, and he offers three armor pieces and one weapon. Xur can be found in-game from Friday until the weekly reset on Tuesday.

Additionally, Xur offers a special Fated engram that guarantees an exotic weapon or armor not previously collected. The price is a hefty 97 legendary shards, but it should be well worth it to fill out your collections tab, and nab a shiny new toy to play with in-game.

This week, Xur offers the Suros Regime exotic auto rifle. This weapon is a retuning one from the original Destiny game, so if you were a fan in D1 you should enjoy it here as well. The exotic perk Suros Legacy deals bonus damage with the last few rounds in the magazine and potentially returns health to players.

Additionally, guardians can choose between two different options for the second perk, adding more versatility to the weapon. It is a good option for PvP currently and can hold its own against all types of weapons when used properly.

Warlocks can also grab the Claws of Ahamkara, one of the many options to improve melee attacks for the class. This is a good option among that category, as it grants a second melee charge to enjoy.

For Hunters, if you’ve ever struggled with platforming puzzles make sure to pick up the ST0MP-EE5 boots. The perk Hydraulic Boosters increases jump height, and sprint and slide speed, making terrain traversal significantly easier.

The Stronghold gauntlets for Titans are the final item in rotation and are my personal least favorite of this week’s lineup. The exotic perk Clenched Fist grants maximum guard stat for swords. Although swords have seen a recent buff overall, the perk seems a bit situational for use over other options.

That is about it for this week’s lineup of weapons and armor. Make sure to visit him before reset time on Tuesday the 9th or these items will be gone. Next week’s reset brings with it a new season to enjoy, so make sure to tune in for all the latest information.