Crusader Kings 3 Patch 1.2 Is Out Today, With A Lengthy List Of Bug Fixes, Balance Changes And Custom Ruler Design

Crusader Kings 3 Patch 1.2 Is Out Today, With A Lengthy List Of Bug Fixes, Balance Changes And Custom Ruler Design
Credit: Paradox via YouTube

Crusader King’s 3 receives another sizable free update from Paradox today, including a massive list of bug fixes, balance changes, and even some new content. Here’s a rundown of the most interesting things arriving with the 1.2 patch for CK3.

First up is the feature that many are most excited about – the introduction of a custom ruler and design feature, allowing players to essentially create their own campaign starts. In Crusader King’s 2 this was actually a paid-DLC, so it’s excellent news that Paradox is bringing this feature to CK3 for free.

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In terms of balance changes, there are significant changes to Great Holy War mechanics, including adjustments to the Fervor boosts and how often you can lead a Great Holy War. This should make these events feel more significant rather than just a tool to use for conquering lands very quickly.

Some of the other issues addressed by Paradox in an attempt to balance game mechanics include changes to the weight system, giving players more chances to control the weight-gain of their character; guests and courtiers will stop looking for lovers when they have a partner, reducing the repetitive interactions; and Light Cavalry have received a slight nerf, bringing them more in power-level with their cost.

There are many more balance changes in the long list, which you can check out from the official Paradox CK3 tweet above.

Now, on to the content. This is something fans of the game have been looking forward to, and while these additions might at first seem minimal in comparison to the large scale of Ck3, it at least shows that more interactions, dilemmas, and scenarios will be added to the game as development continues.

For example, there are brand new murder scenarios, fresh scheme events for ‘Fabricate Hook’ and ‘Seduction’, as well as a new mechanic that leaves raided neighbors a little more annoyed than they’d usually be. These small additions continue to add to the overall immersion of the world of CK3, and I hope this is a trend that Paradox continues with the future support of the game.

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Lastly, there is a whole host of bug fixes, including making sure that Charlamagne has the lustful trait (this is an important one.) Other bug fixes include a crash fix for when putting a space into your pet’s name, a number of different tooltip errors in the various scenarios, and made it so during the conversion to feudalism all your vassals join in.

In reality, though, that barely scratches the surface of the extensive list of changes in what is another huge patch for CK3. Good stuff, Paradox!