New Datamining For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Reveals Upcoming Warrior Class Legendaries

New Datamining For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Reveals Upcoming Warrior Class Legendaries
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands still well on its way, the datamining from outlets like Wowhead is only ever picking up. Datamining has revealed a massive amount of information for the upcoming expansion, from gear to story elements.

Today, we’ll be discussing the legendary powers that are coming for the Warrior class. Legendary powers seem to be this expansion’s version of artifacts or the Heart of Azeroth, serving as a keypoint in the power you’ll wield.

Many of these seem to be made from older, retired options, such as the legendary powers that were on offer back in Legion. Others are completely new options that are adding a fresh new look at how a class runs.

Several of these powers have already been datamined, so we’ll only be discussing the newest that Wowhead was able to uncover. For a full list of all that Blizzard has found, consider checking out the link embedded below.

The first is one that’ll be offered regardless of specialization, titled Seismic Reverberation. This ability improves the damage of Whirlwind and Revenge when used to hit three or more enemies, striking them an additional time. Originally, this effect was from the Legion Legendary Naj’entus’s Vertebrae.

Arms has the following three options being added in:

  • Enduring Blow: Mortal Strike has a 15% chance to apply Colossus Smash for 5 seconds.
  • Exploiter: Execute now causes the target to take 25% more damage from the warrior’s next Mortal Strike. This effect stacks twice.
  • Unhinged: While Ravager or Bladestorm are active, automatically cast Mortal Strikes at random nearby enemies. Ravager casts once, while Blade Storm casts twice.

Fury warriors are being given a few new powers as well, with the following four now being revealed:

  • Cadence of Fujieda: Bloodthirst increases haste by 2%, stacking up to 4 times. This effect lasts five seconds.
  • Deathmaker: Rampage has a 25% chance to apply Siegebreaker for 5 seconds.
  • Reckless Defense: Rampage critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Recklessness and Enraged Regeneration by 3 seconds.
  • Will of the Berserker: When Recklessness expires, Critical Strike is increased by 5% for 5 seconds. Raging Blow refreshes this duration.

Two new protection abilities have been uncovered as well, which are as follows:

  • Unbreakable Will: Shield Wall now grants 50% of its effect to all party members.
  • Reprisal: The first intercepted attack against you grants Ignore Pain and causes your next Revenge to cost no Rage.

With these abilities being added to the toolkit for Warriors, it’s likely that one of the original classes will be getting a huge amount of variety for the upcoming expansion. While a meta is sure to arise despite the depth of choices, these new abilities offer a great way for players to try and test their own options.